Our Purpose

At Code Six, we are driven by a solemn commitment to propel police departments into a new era of transparency, effectiveness, and operational excellence. Our purpose is to harness evidence-based policing techniques combined with our expertise in managing multiple facets of policing functions to meet the increasing demand for policing excellence.

We see a future where every police department operates at its peak potential—optimum use of resources, maximised impact on crime, and smartly efficient. By partnering with us, departments can transform not only their operational tactics but also their strategic outlook, ensuring a safer, more trustworthy community environment.

As experts in police intelligence, we are the only service that delivers highly specialized policing and analytical strategies to equip any sized police department to enter the league of new-age policing that every community trusts, wants and needs.

Our Experience

We are a team of experts, converting more than 30 years’ experience in intelligence, into a force-multiplier for the agency that identifies with growth and safety. Intelligence driven is the new generation of policing and will continue to remain the core of every police function..

Our team brings experts in intelligence analysis, planning and direction for crime and community problems, 28 CFR 23 compliance for information handling, analytical product development, analyst development with training in tradecraft and techniques, understanding cryptocurrency and dark web investigations, leveraging covert sources of information and correctional intelligence, inter-agency information management, data optimization, policy creation for modern-day challenges like social media intelligence, and cryptocurrency seizures, streamlining investigative processes and objectives with patrol and establishing processes that guarantee accountability. Our team is also well versed and experienced in the skills that transfer our expert planning into your unique operational environment. These include training (in-person, video, and remote), police administration and management, organizational behavior, culture management, crime scene management, stakeholder engagement (including government officials), media relations, and interagency collaboration.

Our team embraces continuous improvement. To create a lasting impact for an agency that its community can enjoy for years – where operations can run effectively – where legitimacy will remain unchallenged and that its neighbors can quote as a leading example – are reasons why Code 6 exists.

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