Data Optimization

Managing criminal justice information (CJI) involves strict adherence to CJIS guidelines for storage, security, and restricted access. Handling intelligence information alongside raw CJI adds an extra layer of protection and maintenance.

Given the multitude of information sources within and outside the agency’s network, organizing, collecting, and collating vast volumes of information becomes challenging. Code 6 aids in identifying pain points of data silos, roadblocks in information sharing, and other technical disruptions.

Dealing with multiple data formats, sources, storage locations, and collation options (Excel or Access? Flash drives, clouds, hard drives, or desktops?) can lead to information scattered across various platforms, increasing the risk of crucial data being overlooked. This poses significant risks to both intelligence and investigative units.

Despite the potential chaos, there’s no need for extravagant technology investments. Our specialists guide the streamlined storage and interconnectivity of data, making the workflow easier for both detectives and analysts.

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