Agency Strategy Assessment

Rarely does an agency critically examine its crime control and problem-solving strategies. Key questions appear like: How to increase impactful arrests? How to reduce crime? What are the priority issues for patrol? Is the goal this year to reduce burglaries by 15%? How can investigators increase case clearances? If so, what steps must be taken, and how to measure their effectiveness?

Our assessment changes “hope to be better” into a well-defined strategy and a plan for its execution. We test the gap between the current state and the agency’s desired outcomes – tailoring solutions to your unique criminal environment of suspects, hotspots, and problems. We diagnose the health of accountability and communication flow within the agency. If no strategy exists, our roadmap guides agencies from 0 to 100 – optimizing workflows and judiciously using existing resources, data, tools, and processes. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we remove pain points in the existing framework.

Central to our assessment is evaluating the agency’s cohesion in command and effort during strategy execution. Key factors for assessment include resource allocation, the integration of crime and intelligence analysis, operational alignment with the mission, dismantling data silos, fostering internal information sharing, transitioning culture change and organizational restructuring – to setting up metrics for measuring mission success.

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