Assessment and Audit

Having a crime analysis or intelligence unit is a pride for agencies embracing technology and investigative success. This function may produce numbers and products, but are they being used to their fullest potential? Are any services redundant or irrelevant? Are those numbers and products noisy or truly effective in operations? What standards are they evaluated against?

Intelligence units often operate in ambiguous zones, almost becoming information reporters or partial investigators, thus overlooking the true mission of intelligence work. If the unit does not follow its intended purpose, it causes serious overlap in effort and resources.

Code 6 – the litmus test for a unit’s prowess. We assess the unit’s ability to: identify emerging threats and crime problems in your communities, produce quality analytical products, use critical thinking and structured analytical techniques, ensure timely dissemination, and maintain compliance with intelligence collection, storage, and retention standards. We also evaluate the real impact of these services in tactical and strategic operations.

Through assessment and audit, Code 6 advises on potential resource optimization, validates and reestablishes the unit’s effectiveness, and ensures a true return on investment.

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